Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In The Kitchen: Breakfast Polenta with Butternut Squash

Last year I was delightfully surprised to find that polenta is super easy to make. Ever since, I've been a bit obsessed- topped with a meaty ragu, or roasted mushrooms- it's basically my favorite meal. Because it's so easy, I even started making an extra large pot each time, so that there would be leftovers for breakfast. When I made a recent batch- this time with the addition of butternut squash- for a post on The Jungalow, I saved some so I could share the breakfast version with you too! 

Breakfast Polenta with Butternut Squash 
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Serves: 2-4 (depending on how much leftover polenta you have)
2-4 cups left over creamy butternut polenta
1/4 cup milk for each cup of polenta
Dried cherries (I prefer the tart, Montmorency variety)
Roasted pepitas
Maple syrup
In a small saucepan, heat up left over polenta, stirring in milk, until smooth, and hot. 
Serve polenta in bowls, topped with dried cherries, pepitas, and maple syrup. 
So easy and SO good- especially this time of year, when the mornings are chilly! Even better- there are a ton of other ways to dress up left over polenta for breakfast- anything you'd put on oatmeal will work here- dried fruits, nuts, spices, butter, brown sugar, honey- whatever strikes your fancy! You can even go savory with an egg, or sauteed greens. 
Make sure to visit The Jungalow today to get the recipe for the butternut squash polenta, if you haven't already. I can only hope you'll become as obsessed as I am! 


  1. I'm strangely obsessed with Polenta but have never quite mastered it. Had some just today while out. You've inspired me to try making it again myself. Thank you!

    1. I hope you tried it again Debra! I always avoided making it because the recipes I read made it sound like you had to stir constantly or it would be ruined. The method that works well for me is to whisk the polenta into the water in a constant stream, then stir until it thickens a bit. Once it's thickened, cover it and stir it once every 10 minutes for about half an hour, or until it's the consistency you like it. I've never had it turn out badly using that method. Let me know how it goes! :)


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