Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This and That (phone edition)

While prepping for Alt Summit (which starts tomorrow night) has taken a lot of my time lately, some other things have been going on too. 

I finally took a bunch of our lamps in for repair. I'm excited we'll have a bit more light in the living room again, and there's finally a lamp by the front door (we don't have overhead lights in the living room) so we don't have to stumble all the way to the dining room when arriving home in the dark. The repair guy even knocked out a dent in that metal shade so it looks better than it has the whole time I've had it. If you're in the Pasadena area, I highly recommend Pasadena Lighting for repairs.

I actually managed to bring a plant back from the verge of death! I may look a lot like my mother, but I definitely didn't inherit her green thumb. Since moving in here I've made some bold moves and purchased about fourteen plants. Four have died, and two are almost dead, but this little Kalanchoe is making a comeback! I'm now a little more optimistic for the fate of the others.

Last night was the big Alt bag packing night. I was up until about 3 this morning getting everything rounded up so I can head out for Salt Lake City later today. I'll be relieved when I'm in the car and on the road- all the planning and packing has worn me out. 

I've been trying to get some reading in lately, starting with this book the mister gifted to me at Christmas. If you have a blog, or are thinking of starting one (and you can't attend Alt, or even if you can) Blog Inc. is a great resource. Joy Deangdeelert Cho, from Oh Joy, has put together a ton of helpful information, as well as interesting interviews with a variety of bloggers that are a reminder that everyone started somewhere. 

The tangerines on the tree in our yard are finally ripe! It's been pretty amazing to be able to go pick fresh citrus a few steps away from our door. Add that one to the slowly expanding list of things I like about SoCal.  

So that's a bit of what's happening around here- what are you up to? I'll be heading out to SLC this afternoon, and as always, Instagram-ing along the way so find me there and follow along. If you're interested in keeping up on what's happening at Alt, I'll be tweeting the key things I learn from each session throughout the day- just follow me on Twitter, and follow the hashtag #altsummit to see what others are tweeting as well. If you'll be at Alt- please let me know, I'd love to meet up!

Things will be a little quieter than usual here this week, but I'll be back with a few more posts (not all Alt related).

See you soon!


  1. Danae!
    You have such an eye for awesome finds! It was lovely meeting you at the Hello Social! Your card is by far one of my favorites!

    1. Thanks Alix! It was great meeting you too- I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to chat more during the week. Your card was so fun- definitely a memorable one!


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