Monday, July 30, 2012

it's the final countdown

hi everyone! i apologize for my extended silence here last week. it did give me some time to think about  life, work, and where this blog is going, but i missed all of you. more on that later though, because today is a big, albeit sad, day...

it's true- today is the last day for Gather and Hunt in The Fremont Vintage Mall. i don't think the full weight of that has hit me yet, but right now i'm a big mixture of sad and excited. sad, because i've had so much fun doing this over the last years and will really miss it, but excited because we're having a party tonight and i'm looking forward to seeing friends, customers, and all the wonderful Vintage Mall staff. 

so, if you're in Seattle, please join us tonight for some sale shopping (bonus discounts from 5-7) and giveaways at the Vintage Mall and then head over to Red Door for a little celebration (they have a great patio, good food and tasty bevs)! 


  1. Thanks for the tip! I just forwarded the details of your sale onto a photographer in the area. Are you planning to list any leftover items online for purchase/pick-up? I would love to see what you have but am not sure I can make it out today...

    Cable Car Couture

    1. Thanks Sarah! I think whatever is left over will go into our personal yard sale in a few weeks- which will also have a ton of vintage stuff. I'll announce that one as soon as we get the date finalized.

  2. This looks really fun and I'm always up for a good deal! Sadly, the drive is a tad too far from Tacoma though - have fun and good luck!


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