Friday, July 20, 2012

how do you beat the blahs?

hi y'all. i'm gonna be honest here- i'm not in a blogging kind of mood today. i don't know if it's just the pensiveness that comes from entering deeper into my 30's (my birthday was yesterday), the fact that the rain is back, or what, but i'm feeling blah today.

as we prepare for this move to LA, the future is filled with uncertainty and i'm having a hard time grabbing ahold of the positive, adventure, side of uncertainty. instead i'm mourning the loss of the Gather and Hunt shop space (which closes at the end of the month), worrying that i won't have another chance to really do what i love, and giving myself over to the comparison trap. yuck. i know this is no way to be and i don't like it, but it's hard to fight it off. 

some days posting here is a struggle- i'm not really sure if it even matters. i strive for original content in most of my posts,  rather than only grabbing images from other blogs or sites and sharing them because they're pretty, but i wonder if it's really worth the effort. i used to think i wasn't really a blogger, but over the last 7 months or so i've discovered that i really want to be, that i enjoy putting something lovely out into the world and i love connecting with people i'll probably never meet in real life through this forum. from spending time styling every photo i post here and styling my own home in a more intentional way, i've discovered i may actually prefer styling to retailing. i think i enjoy sharing all the wonderful vintage goods i find with anyone who will look through photos and blog posts more than sharing them via a shop. all of these things really drive me to find new ways to make this blog something you'll want to come back to every day, but i don't always feel like i have it in me. i hope that i do. 

i know this is far more personal than i usually get in this space, but i hope you don't mind. though i may never meet many of you- i do feel like this is a little community and there's something helpful to me in sharing my thoughts with you here. with all the madness in the world around us (my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this horrible shooting in Colorado), i know that my silly troubles aren't really that important, but i'm grateful to be able to share them with you. 

for those of you that comment and engage with me through various social media platforms- thank you. those comments and tweets and FB posts really make my day and keep me encouraged. i appreciate you. and now i ask for more of those comments- how do you beat the blahs? 

thanks for listening friends. i hope you have a lovely weekend! i'll be back a little later today with details on the sale at the Vintage Mall space, which starts this weekend.    


  1. Oh friend, I wish there was something I could do!

  2. Oy, this is exactly the kind of day I was having. I've been getting all jealous of other people's success rather than being proud of my own accomplishments and generally feeling kind of off. It's hard sometimes.

    I went to the thrift store and bought a little orange tray for 90 cents. I hate the idea of retail therapy, but I do feel happier now, so... I'll take it.

  3. Danae! I LOVE that you want to be a blogger. I think it's cool that you've been able to discover that about yourself. I like your blog and I read many of your posts, actually! I loved this vulnerable one, and I am sorry you have a case of the BLAHS. It's so hard to imagine you as having the BLAHS, though. I am really excited to see where your blog goes. I think you are the one who has inspired me into liking vintage things, and I like when your blog is a microcosm of you: a little jewelry, lots of vintage, design, intentional home decoration, and pure foodie-ness!! Although I can't eat your foodie posts, I've been enjoying them as well as the photographic detail. And I can see your reflection in that bubble!

    love you!

  4. Usually some good music and silly dancing with zula does the trick for me. I am so excited for you guys and your new adventure! (And also very sad)
    you are a real awesoe unique person and a real friend, not like those fake ones.


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