Friday, May 25, 2012

a little something

happy friday friends! i'm about to begin the major sanding and painting projects in order to finish getting the goods ready for the Farm Chicks Show, but i thought i'd leave you with a peek at a project i checked off the list yesterday (thanks to the help of my sweet mama)...

i thought it would be fun to bring a little green to the booth at Farm Chicks this year so my mama (whose thumb is much greener than mine) helped me plant all these fun sedums yesterday. sedums, sometimes called 'step-ons' are super hearty and drought resistant so they're great for folks like me who have a hard time keeping plants alive. i think they look so good in all these different containers, including those vintage wax paper cups (i found an entire case of them, and will be splitting them up so others can find fun ways to use them). all of the containers, plants included, will be for sale at Farm Chicks.

i hope you all have fun plans for the upcoming long weekend! if you're looking for some ideas for your memorial day bbq table, head over to Kristen Pot Pie. Kristen, a fellow Seattle blogger, has a fun idea for repurposing some vintage cheese graters!


  1. Those look GREAT! I need to have your mom over to help me identify what we have growing in our yard :). I planted some stuff yesterday and replanted some other unnamed shrubbery. I think I'm going to do an outdoor container garden in an old apple basket I found at value village!

  2. These sedums are absolutely darling! I love how you and your mom packaged them as well. I would have been tempted to buy them off of you at your Farm Chicks show!

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