Friday, March 9, 2012

this week's finds to fancy comes from yours truly! remember lite brite? i never had one, but i was always jealous of my friends that did! my friend Pam even reminded me that they also had such a catchy commercial jingle, which i dug up on youtube for your viewing pleasure...

i spotted my 1980's Lite Brite in it's box on a high shelf at one of the thrifts i hit up yesterday, but figured it probably wouldn't be complete- those little plastic pegs got lost so quickly (right moms?)! the store had taped the heck out of the box so it took a little bit to get into it, but to my delight it had a whole bags of pegs and a bunch of design templates- some not even used yet! it was also an amazingly good price! i took it home and the mister and i had some fun with it last night (sorry for the instagram photos- after a day of thrifting i was too tired to get out the good camera!)...

i'm still debating between keeping it and putting it in the shop- it would be so fun to have for decorating parties! 

what did you find this week? don't forget to send me your finds! just email a photo, and little about where you found it and why you love it, to me at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com. 

happy friday! i hope you all have a great weekend! i'm so excited to be doing a photo shoot with my very talented friend Carlie tomorrow- can't wait to share the results with you next week! 


  1. I had a lite brite when I was... in my mid 20s :). My parents got it for me for christmas, I thought it was such a cute gift idea, especially from my parents who normally give more traditional gifts :).


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