Tuesday, January 31, 2012


photo via grey square designs
i have a confession. i spent way too much time on etsy yesterday. now, don't get me wrong, etsy is wonderful- i love etsy. but i notice that days when i've spent too much time on there (or on blogs, pinterest, etc) i find myself slightly less content with my own home, my own wardrobe, my own website, my own life. i don't like that. i go to those sites for inspiration, or maybe to find something i'm looking to purchase, but i don't want to become a less content person because of all the wonderful things that i find.

so, i've decided to do something about it. i'm going to focus on what i already have in my life that i'm grateful for, and i'm going to share those things with you. sometimes it might be tangible things, other times things that you can't put a price on. i hope that not only will this new segment help me to dwell in gratitude more consistently, but that it will also inspire you to look at your life and find the things you are grateful for.

today's gratitude: a vintage star chart that served as the keystone piece for our bedroom decor. i found it at an estate sale a very long time ago and even though i hadn't figured out what to do with it i held onto it. when we moved into our current apartment i knew it would be the perfect centerpiece for the new look i wanted.

isn't it fun? it may seem silly, but i really am grateful for such a simple and unique piece. plus, the lovely blue shade adds some calm to the bedroom.

what are you grateful for? i'd love if you'd share in the comments! or, if you have a photo, send it to me and i'll share it in a post tomorrow!

p.s. a special hello to all of you who are visiting for the first time via The Farm Chicks, Brookelyn Photograpy, or Bowtie and Bustle. i'm so thankful that these lovely sites and the amazing ladies behind them would link to lil' ol' me! thanks for visiting Gather and Hunt- i hope you enjoy your time here!


  1. You have no idea how jealous of that star chart I am. I have loved all things celestial since I was a kid, and I would be absolutely stunned to have this piece. It looks like something I pinned recently! If you ever stumble across another one at a local estate sale, I'd pay you a pretty penny for it ;) Kudos on looking around you for gratitude, its so hard to do some days but so worth it :)

  2. Brianne- I'll keep an eye out for another one (or let you know if I decide to sell it)!

  3. Ditto--this is amazing! I really love that you're taking a closer look at what is already present in your life; I've been thinking the same thing. (On my desktop background right now, I have a quotation that echoes the sentiment of your headline: "When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.") You, little lady, have much to be grateful for, too--starting with your sweet bedroom decor!

    1. thanks kelly! it really is amazing to look around you and realize all you have to be thankful for, isn't it? puts a lot into perspective. i like your desktop quote- who said it?

  4. great post! i struggle with this as well. its good to put things into perspective and remember to be thankful.
    i love love love your pillow cases! they are perfect for your room.


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